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Nocturnal EN Global

1 month ago • DRM: Xbox
with ~€ 1,26 fee € 13,49
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About Nocturnal


Nocturnal: A Mesmerizing Adventure Game

Welcome to the dark and mysterious world of Nocturnal, an immersive adventure game that will captivate you from the very first moment. Developed by a talented indie team, Nocturnal offers a unique and atmospheric gameplay experience that will leave you breathless. Prepare to embark on a journey through a stunningly designed universe filled with secrets, puzzles, and thrilling encounters.

Uncover the Secrets of the Night

In Nocturnal, you take on the role of a young protagonist who finds themselves trapped in a surreal world where darkness reigns. As you explore the hauntingly beautiful landscapes, you'll encounter enigmatic characters, each with their own stories to tell. Dive deep into the lore of Nocturnal as you unravel the mysteries that shroud this strange realm.

Immersive Gameplay

Nocturnal offers a unique blend of exploration, puzzle-solving, and storytelling. Navigate through intricate environments, solve challenging puzzles, and interact with the environment to progress through the game. The atmospheric sound design and stunning visuals create a captivating atmosphere that draws you further into the nocturnal world.

Challenging Puzzles and Enigmas

Prepare to test your problem-solving skills as Nocturnal presents you with a variety of clever puzzles and enigmas. From intricate riddles to complex mechanical contraptions, each challenge will require your keen observation and analytical thinking. Unravel the secrets hidden within the darkness and unlock the path to your freedom.

Multiple Endings

Your choices matter in Nocturnal, as they will shape the outcome of your journey. The game features multiple branching paths and endings, offering a high level of replayability. Will you embrace the darkness or seek a way to bring light back into this mysterious world? The choice is yours.

A Visual and Auditory Masterpiece

Nocturnal boasts breathtaking visuals, meticulously crafted to immerse you in its dark and mystical ambiance. The game's unique art style combines with atmospheric lighting effects to create an unforgettable aesthetic. Complemented by an enchanting soundtrack, Nocturnal transports you to a realm where shadows hold secrets and every corner is filled with wonder.

Experience Nocturnal Today

If you're ready for an unforgettable adventure through a world shrouded in darkness, Nocturnal is the game for you. With its captivating gameplay, intriguing storyline, and stunning visuals, it will leave you yearning for more. Immerse yourself in the mysterious realm of Nocturnal and unlock its secrets one by one. Are you ready to face the night?

No key activation required.

No key activation required.



System Requirements



OS: Windows 7 64-bit

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Storage: 2 GB available space

Graphics: GeForce GT 650M or Radeon HD 4870 X2

Processor: Intel Core i7-3610QM or AMD Ryzen 5 3500U