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About the Xbox

Microsoft released it's first Xbox console on the 14th of march 2002. Since this date, the console became part of many gamers life. The name Xbox is actually derived from "DirectX Box", which was the project name for the console during the design and development. Microsoft quickly shortened it's name to Xbox and hasn't changed it ever since.

The Xbox allows you to do much more then just gaming. As an example, the Xbox allows you to watch DVD's. Another feature, made possible by the build in disk, is to store music. The Xbox comes with extensive security. These measurements are in place to assure it only works with software that has been digitally signed by Microsoft. It's an attempt developed by Microsoft to remain control over the Xbox.

The current Xbox model is hardware base equal to a PC. It's software has been adapted in such manner you won't notice it yourself. Most important for a console as the Xbox, is it's support and compatibility for games. Microsoft has put a great effort in assuring the most popular games are compatible with it's Xbox. Technology wise, the new Xbox features rapidly become very popular. A great example of such, is the tremendously popular online platform: Xbox Live.

The Xbox One vs the Xbox 360

The Xbox One is currently on the market for some 3 years. It's most definitely worth upgrading if your still gaming on the Xbox 360. Microsoft keeps adding new features on a frequent base to it's Xbox One. A great example of such is it's compatibility with the Windows platform: Windows 10.

Shortly after the Xbox One came to market, there where rumors about the higher performance and features the Xbox 360 was supposed to have, in regards to multimedia. These rumors belong to the past. The Xbox One outperformed the Xbox 360 with ease.

Of course we have all been looking eagerly forward regarding the Xbox One S performances. Microsoft released this console the third quarter of 2016, as promised. An important difference between the Xbox One S and the Xbox One, is it's size. The Xbox One S is smaller then the Xbox One and will have a 4K Blueray media player. It doesn't need explanation, that it will most certainly improve the multimedia features of the console.

The Xbox One vs the Xbox 360: the design

Design wise, the Xbox One is a large console consuming lots of electricity. When comparing the Xbox One versus the Xbox 360, the Xbox 360 is just a tiny console.

When taking measures of the Xbox One, you'll find out it's 33,3cm width, has a length of 27,4cm and a 7,9cm height. Compared to the Xbox 360, which has a 27cm width, a 26cm length and a 7,5cm height the Xbox One is much larger. The reason hereof, is that Microsoft wanted to avoid overheating for it's Xbox One. This overheating has been a well known issue for the Xbox 360. The "Red Ring of Death" still causes frustrations of many gamers. It did cost Microsoft billions, which makes the choice for a larger console logical. So far, no overheating problems have been reported for the Xbox One.

Of course the Xbox One S did change all this. The current version of the console is some 40% smaller then the Xbox One. New in the Xbox One S is a build in adapter. This allows the Xbox One S to stand-up, making it more flexible for placement in a smaller room.

Are you a huge fan of voice commands or moving when playing games? Then Xbox One Kinect is most definitely worth consideration. When the Xbox One just hit the market, Kinect was a default part of the package. It became optional later on, resulting in a lower base price.

The Xbox One Kinect is more advanced then the original. It does have better body detection, a wider view for playing games in a smaller rooms and an additional set of voice commands. At ZARENGO, we do think the Xbox One interface navigates much easier when using Kinect. When using the wireless controller, it most of the time results in quite a hassle finding a specific option or setting.

The Xbox One vs the Xbox 360: the sound

It's not the first thing that comes to mind, but: the noise the console produces plays a role for gamers that have to choose between them both. The Xbox One for example is almost quite while gaming. Of course the additional size of the console plays a huge role. The more cooling space, the less work has to be performed.

The Xbox One vs the Xbox 360: ram and cpu

The Xbox 360 has a CPU based on PowerPC. It's a three-core 3.2Ghz processor. The Xbox One is equipped with an eight-core processor based on the AMD Jaguar chipset.

Would this imply the Xbox One to be two-and-a-halve times as powerful as the Xbox 360? No. It's even more powerful. The efficiency of it's CPU is much better. Not just the clock speed or the amount of cores alone.

Even more noticeable is the raise of RAM memory for the console. The Xbox 360 came to market with some 512MB RAM, the Xbox One however, comes with a stunning 8GB. To translate these numbers to performance indicators, we use TFLOPS. TFLOPS are a default to measure computer performance. When comparing both consoles, the Xbox 360 reaches 0,24TFLOPS, being left far behind by the Xbox One with 1,23TFLOPS.

The Xbox One vs the Xbox 360: the controller

Looking at the controllers design, there hasn't been a revolutionary change between the Xbox 360 controller or the Xbox One's. Microsoft made some minor modifications, resulting in a better grip and a better shape of it's Xbox One controller.

The biggest change Microsoft made to it's controller, is a feature called Impulse Triggers. It's Xbox One controller does respond to motion. Racing games became much more interesting and exciting this way. When shifting gears, or pressing the break, you will feel the pulses through your fingertips. Of course it's a great feature for action games, making them even more realistic.

Another adjustment on the controllers design, are the side-buttons. Microsoft placed them closer on it's Xbox One controller. It takes away the huge gap that you might remember of the Xbox 360 controller. The D-Pad has been improved as well. With a swift reaction, it's much easier to click. It's most definitely worth trying when playing old school arcade games.

Unfortunately, the Xbox One controller is also using AA batteries. Lets hope a next generation Xbox will abandon them...

The Xbox One vs the Xbox 360: Live cards

A great Xbox One feature, is it's backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games. Also the Xbox Live Gold subscription can be used on both consoles. So in case your planning to purchase an Xbox Live Gold card, there's no need to worry.

The Xbox One vs the Xbox 360: balance

Microsoft confirmed that Xbox credits remain active and working, when switching from Xbox 360 to Xbox one. Have you bought an Xbox code, then there is no need to worry. Of course the new Xbox One S and Xbox One X will both support the Xbox gift card. Great solution when in a rush for a birthday gift, not knowing the console of the lucky one..