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Are you often playing games at your PC? Then chances are high you might have heard the name Steam before. Steam is a so called online game library that lets you store game licenses. Backed by a large community, Steam offers lots of features and possibilities you didn't know you wanted, until you had them. With the game codes on this page, you can add the game of your choice to the Steam library. Not only new releases are to be found, golden oldies are available as well!

As a Steam user, you will most likely frequently use the library function to play the Steam games you own. The application comes with an easy interface, making it simple to find the game your willing to play. Of course statistics such as game results and high scores are being recorded as well. Are you stuck with a specific game? Then it's great to know Steam has a community page for each and every game, that can come in very handy!

The Steam store

One of the first spots you will notice when opening Steam, is the Steam store page. At this page, you will be capable to find out what game titles are available at Steam. What you will most likely note, is the difference in pricing. The prices at the Steam store are way higher then those at ZARENGO. For what reason? Quite simple! At ZARENGO, we let various sellers bid for the best price. Therefor we are capable to offer sharper prices at our marketplace. Of course as our customer you will benefit from this process :)

Important for you, is to be aware of the fact you will only receive the Steam game as a code. So no cover, no disk or book. This is of course an additional reason for the sharp pricing. Saves you money for shipment costs as a nice bonus! Another benefit, is the fact that you no longer have to wait for the game to arrive. Directly after the purchase, your capable to dive into the game!

The Steam library

As soon as you bought a game (or maybe two, or perhaps ten) for Steam, it will be handy to know how the library works. The grey games in the overview, are Steam games you own, but didn't install at your computer. The Steam games with white names, are those that can be instantly played, as you have them installed at your computer.

You can install a game you own, at any given time. Such installation can be performed, by selecting the game and pressing the 'install' button, at the right side of the list. Steam will remember all games you own. Of course this amount can exceed the amount that fits your hard drive. Great benefit, as you no longer have to store them at a CD or external disk. Once they are in your Steam library, you may access them with your Steam account.

How to activate a Steam game?

Don't you have a Steam account already? Then please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official Steam website: www.steampowered.com
  2. at the top, press install Steam
  3. you will be prompted to store the file Steaminstall.msi, confirm and save it to your disk
  4. After downloading the file, execute it and follow the Steam instructions

After you installed Steam, you have to create an account. This will work as described:

  1. start Steam after the installation through the desktop icon or the start menu
  2. you will now see the Steam login screen
  3. choose the button Create new Account and again in the new screen Create new account
  4. follow the Steam registration steps and confirm your Steam account
  5. you may now login at the Steam login screen described in step 2

Do you (now) have a Steam account? Then you can redeem the code by following these steps:

  1. start Steam and login with your Steam account
  2. select the menu item Games
  3. go for the option Activate a product on Steam
  4. follow the steps on screen and enter the code you received
  5. after entering the Steam code, you will see the game in your overview (Library)