Why should I buy through ZARENGO?

Are you new with ZARENGO? We assume you would like to know how our platform works. ZARENGO is a so called digital marketplace, bridging the gap between digital supply and demand. Our core focus, are digital (game) codes. In the future, we wish to expand to physical products such as consoles and merchandise. Bellow, we will explain the benefits of our marketplace. Both selling and buying are being covered.

Buying through ZARENGO

In your search for a new game or gift card, you will discover lots of offers. There are plenty of suppliers, all with different prices and workflows. Not all of them describe in great detail what exactly they sell and how to use an item. Asides of the fact you might receive a non working code. Great loss when no (English) service is available.

At ZARENGO we have chosen for a complete different approach. When your buying through our marketplace, you will receive clear and well explained activation instructions. We're also around in case of any questions regarding a purchase. After a purchase, there is the possibility of leaving a rating. When such rating is performed, we can optimize in such manner to assure the seller with the best reputation and price is selling most.

The whole platform is available in English. It's possible to select a local language, or a local payment method. An example of such would be iDeal for the Netherlands or Bancontact for Belgium. These systems provide an instant confirmation of a valid payment. We can then instruct the seller to instantly release your purchase. The result? You will be capable to use your purchase seconds after making payment!

Selling through ZARENGO

ZARENGO offers great benefits to sellers as well. Starting with a clear and easy platform, to work with. No need to search clients, pay for marketing or offer support in a local language. This will save you a lot of time and hassle. No need to obtain a merchant for processing payment, or monitor fraud screening. All these measures will be conducted by the ZARENGO staff. Stop losing money due to chargebacks or refunds!

As a seller, we provide you with the insight of consumers feedback. Of course we provide suggestions and ideas around popular items. It helps you to stock enough and provides you with input around the needed prices to maximize your profit. Our commission is always a percentage of the sales price. No hidden fees or unclear bills! As we work with real-time payment methods, there is no need to wait for your out payment. We provide easy integration with your accounting software, to send the invoices to buyers directly. This way you don't rely on us! Are you ready to give your sales a new boost??