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This is how ZARENGO works

The good old times of scratching cards finally belong to the past. There's no need to step out your door to buy a gamecard or giftcard. Luckily. ZARENGO is open for the full 24 hours. 7 days in a week. Through our marketplace, you could buy codes for Xbox Live Gold subscriptions or PlayStation Plus. After placing an order, the code reaches your screen and mailbox within 5 seconds. The codes are legal and thus are 100% working.

Another possibility at ZARENGO, is to order games or to pre-order them. This way, you can assure yourself to have a new game release at the minute it comes available. No need to stand in line or to even visit the store at all!

When you order a giftcard or gamecard through ZARENGO, the seller will not send you a physical card. Instead, you'll only receive the code thats printed on the card. This of course does has quite some large advantages. First of all, you'll have the code instantly, as it's send via e-mail. Next, it assures the prices of the products can remain low. Discounts can therefor raise up to more then 65% on an item.

The products at ZARENGO

At our marketplace, you'll find a wide variety of gamecards. For example, the Xbox Live Gold card, the Xbox Gift card or the PlayStation (PSN) Plus card. Using these cards, a temporary subscription can be activated. These subscriptions give access to specific features within the platform. At the individual product pages, you can read much more about the possibilities. ZARENGO also has game timecards for popular games such as World of Warcraft, FIFA, Final Fantasy and Star Wars.

At ZARENGO, we dedicated a page to pre-orders. Here you'll find an overview of upcoming games for the next few months. It's possible to already order them through us. At the actual game release, we will send you the code directly via e-mail. Next to games and timecards, we also have giftcards. An example of these would be the iTunes gift card, the Google Play card, the Xbox gift card or the PlayStation gift card. These cards help you to quickly top-up your credit. It's an easy way to pay for your in-game purchases. Last but not least, these giftcards are a great present for a friend's birthday!

Ordering through ZARENGO

We've made it very easy to buy a gamecard or giftcard through ZARENGO. First, you place the item you wish to purchase in your shopping basket. Then, at the order form, we're only asking you to fill in your name and e-mail adres. This is where the digital code will be send at. At the safe and secure checkout form, you can choose various payment methods. Local payment methods, but also creditcard or paypal are an option. After your payment has been approved, the code is directly shown on screen and send via e-mail. This way, you can start gaming right away!

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